Substance Traceability

Delays in the revision of the RoHS Directive

The European Commission has announced a delay on the RoHS revision proposal. This delay is justified by the need to review other regulations, as part of the Green Deal. The RoHS review will bring some changes, in the meantime EcoMundo reminds you about the RoHS directives.
Substance Traceability

Should MMA be classified as a respiratory sensitizer?

ECHA's RAC is willing to classify MMA as a respiratory sensitizer. However, some opponents have provided evidence to the contrary, and discredits the RAC tests.
Substance Traceability

ECHA proposes to ban the use of PFAS

Twelve thousand substances were to be included in the roadmap of restrictions under the European Union's proposed ban on hazardous chemicals. For the first time, the plan focused on entire classes of chemicals. This also includes PFASs, or Forever Chemicals, due to their poor degradation in the environment.
REACH Registration

The concept of PLC is removed from the registration framework

Polymers have been a subject of discussion for a long time. They are not subject to REACH registration and yet their properties are often a sensitive issue. Last June, the Commission decided to abolish the concept of polymer of low concern (PLC). EcoMundo offers you a detailed analysis of the concept.

Revision of the definition of a nanomaterial

The European Commission has published a new definition for nanomaterials. This revision was highly anticipated, and will bring some changes. EcoMundo reviews the situation for you.