How to create your cosmetic Product Information File?

The Cosmetic Product Information File, or PIF, is one of the key elements essential to be able to put your cosmetic products on the European market. Intended to gather the information relating to your cosmetic product, it is a major undertaking that requires a thorough knowledge of Regulation 1223/2009 in addition to toxicological expertise. EcoMundo gives you the keys to complete your PIF!
Autorisation Reach

Authorisations and restrictions: how legislation promotes substituting harmful substances

A recent ECHA study shows that regulations are the main driver for the substitution of harmful substances. Further proof that regulation contributes to and propels innovation, EcoMundo tells you more about this study.
Dispositifs Médicaux

5 questions on... the new European medical devices regulation

Although its application has been postponed for one year, the new medical devices regulation implies many changes for companies. It is important to prepare for them now. EcoMundo reveals the answers to the 5 most common questions on the subject.

Brexit: what future for biocidal products in Europe?

#Brexit4You: To better guide you, EcoMundo closely monitors the regulatory evolutions related to Brexit. We deliver, on top of current affairs, our advice in order for you to be able to anticipate Brexit and its consequences on your compliance. - Brexit has had a major impact on companies in the biocides sector. The European Commission recently published a notice for stakeholders in this sector to guide them in the steps to be taken in the face of the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union. EcoMundo summarises the key points for you.
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K-REACH registration: why use a service provider?

According to the K-REACH regulation, each company manufacturing or importing chemical substances on Korean soil at more than 1 tonne per year for existing substances and 100 kg per year for new substances is required to submit a Registration dossier to the MoE (Korean Ministry of Environment) before December 31, 2030. This procedure can be outsourced to a service provider to assist and guide you through the steps to follow.