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As REACH expert since 2007, EcoMundo supports you in all your REACH Registration procedures. Our specialists advise you, carry out your substance registrations and ensure the follow-up of your dossiers over time (LoA management, tonnage monitoring, etc.).



  • INDUSTRY: Energy

Challenge: EDF asked EcoMundo to update the Inquiry files they have submitted to ECHA. EDF was seeking the services of a company that could offer an expertise in the choices of their analytical tests.

Given EcoMundo’s experience in the analytical characterization of complex substances, our company could offer EDF a set of expert advice to implement the analytical tests for the REACH registration.As a solution, EcoMundo collected the costs of the Letter of Access and then put together the member registration dossier.

RESULTS: All Inquiry dossiers were accepted by ECHA and EDF was given a registration number.

  • COMPANY: Synthron (Protex International)

  • INDUSTRY: Specialty Chemicals

Challenge : As the company owns a great range of substances that need to be registered before 2018, the forecast of a budget for the registration is fundamental in order to sustain Synthron’s activity. EcoMundo was asked to carry out some budget estimations on the testing process (read-across, available data through the user license of another SIEF, etc) in order to give Synthron some financial insights on the costs as Lead Registrant.

SOLUTION: For the Synthron account, EcoMundo identified similar substances and confirmed that the read-across strategy is a relevant approach. Thanks to its REACH registration experience, EcoMundo found alternatives so that Synthron won’t have to run toxicological test for all of its substances. Through this well-run methodology, we could present a coherent budget estimation for the substances of its client.

RESULTS: EcoMundo adapted the budget estimation for every substance in the portfolio (LoA for a member dossier, test costs for a full dossier). This method gave Synthron a very clear idea of the financial aspect of the registration and gave them the best tools to make its decisions for the registration of its substances.

  • COMPANY: Sanofi, As Watson Group, L'oréal, Ard

  • INDUSTRY: Pharmaceutique – Cosmétique – Chimie

Challenge: Our clients have a portfolio of hundreds of substances that need to be registered with ECHA. Within the portfolio, there is a great diversity of substances (SCC intermediate substance, full substance, UVB, ELINCS and so on) that has to be taken into account in order to adapt the best registration strategy to each of them. EcoMundo was chosen to carry out a Registration for the management of the portfolio and successfully implemented an optimal organization for the Registration of all the substances before the deadline of May 2018.

SOLUTION: EcoMundo developed a unique methodology to manage the lead time for the portfolio registration. We developed several follow-up tools and reporting processes in order to give our clients a better knowledge of every step of the registration process. The collection of the SIEF data (LoA or available tests) gave the client the opportunity to anticipate the budget that he needs for the registration.

SOLUTION: Since 2010, EcoMundo has successfully submitted hundreds of registration dossiers to ECHA.

  • COMPANY : ThermoFisher Scientific

  • INDUSTRY: Life Science

Challenge : Regarding its industry sector, ThermoFisher works with complex substances considered as UVCB under the REACH agreement. Considering the specificity of the substances, the registration has to face a double challenge :

  • The optimization of the test strategy in order to minimize the costs
  • Grouping the manufacturers in one consortium in order to share the costs.

EcoMundo was asked to implement all the registration strategies as a member of a joint dossier or as a trustee of the consortium for the joint dossier.

SOLUTION: EcoMundo managed the consortium which gathered several manufacturers from different countries for the REACH registration. Meanwhile, EcoMundo also managed to collect and validate the costs of the LoA in order to finalize the member dossier.

RESULTS: All dossiers were successfully registered and ThermoFisher was given a registration number within the deadlines.