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You need to register a new substance in your portfolio in Korea? EcoMundo's experts in Paris and Seoul will carry out the registration of your substances from A to Z and provide you with an accurate estimate of the Registration budget beforehand.


Saad Shehadeh

REACH Registration Expert

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Successful K-REACH registration as lead registrant


ur experts support you in registering your substances as a Lead Registrant, whether you are based in Korea or elsewhere in the world.

Our service includes:

  • the management of the Chemical Substance Information Communicative Organization (CICO) of the substance and election as Lead Registrant
  • the obtainment of data from EU-REACH records to optimise the testing strategy and minimise costs
  • the creation of the Chemical Safety Report (CSR), if necessary
  • the creation of the Registration dossier (both joint and individual parts) and submission to the Ministry of the Environment (MoE)
  • the management of Letters of Access (LoA) for new, or other, members of the CICO as well as the cost-sharing mechanism

Each CICO has a Lead Declarer who is responsible for the preparation and submission of the "common dossier" to the MoE. Once this common dossier is finalised, the other notifiers can submit their member dossiers. One of the prerequisites of K-REACH is the sharing by all registrants of the accurate and reliable scientific information available to them. If you are a registrant within a CICO that is still inactive and the elaboration of the Registration dossier has not started, taking the role of Lead Registrant, with EcoMundo as facilitator, can be an excellent way to master the registration strategy and optimise your costs.

EcoMundo manages the Registration dossier from A to Z, organises the sharing of costs and ensures the continuity of the CICO over time.

Relying on the expertise of a REACH specialist partner in Europe and Korea in order to gain efficiency and optimise the costs required to create a K-REACH registration dossier.

Successful K-REACH Registration as Member Registrant

K-REACH registration dossier
- member registrant-

hether your company is based in Korea or abroad, EcoMundo supports you in the registration of your substances as a Member Registrant. Our experts represent your company within the CICO and/or the existing consortium and manage all the steps of the registration of your substances.

Our service includes:

  • assess the Registration budget taking into account the LoA cost
  • purchase the LoA from the Lead Registrant or from the Consortium
  • the creation of the member dossier and its submission to the MoE

EcoMundo ensures the management of the Letters of Access, the fair sharing of costs, the exchange of data as well as the elaboration of your member dossier.

In the event that the joint Registration dossier to which you refer via the Letter of Access does not include a Chemical Safety Report (CSR) or does not cover one or more of your use cases, we will also prepare a company-specific CSR to complete your Registration dossier.

EcoMundo's experience in REACH registrations ensures a fair evaluation of the LoA cost of your K-REACH dossier.

Successful K-REACH pre-Registration

k-reach PRE-

o submit a late pre-registration, our experts will accompany you and carry out:

  • the assessment on the possibility of late pre-registration
  • the creation of the pre-registration dossier of your substances
  • the submission of the pre-registration dossier until acceptance by the MoE

EcoMundo also represents you in the management of exchanges within the CICO once the pre-registrations have been made. Your pre-registrations are thus managed from A to Z.

EcoMundo has already carried out many K-REACH pre-registrations and will be able to efficiently evaluate the strategy to adopt for the pre-registration of your substances.

Only Representative (OR) Service

Only Representative service

coMundo is, in the eyes of REACH, your Only Representative (OR) and takes responsibility for ensuring compliance with all the legal requirements imposed upon importers under the regulation. Based in Seoul and expert in K-REACH regulations, EcoMundo can also fulfil your K-REACH obligations for late pre-Registration and Registration in order to promote the sustainability of your market. As such, EcoMundo can carry out your Registration dossier as Lead Registrant or Member Registrant.

Our commitment:

The OR “bears responsibility and accountability for fulfilling the obligations of importers under REACH for the quantities of substance(s) for which it is named, and which are exported within South Korea by the manufacturer not established in the community. Other importers of substances from this manufacturer become downstream users for the K-REACH Regulation.“

EcoMundo is OR-certified for K-REACH. EcoMundo has obtained from the Korean government its certification of Only Representative (OR).