EcoMundo Biocides Consortia: what are they and why join one?

With recurring approvals of biocidal active substances, companies producing biocidal products have to complete Marketing Authorization dossiers (MA) in order to continue to market their products. In order to reduce costs, a solution is available: join a biocides consortium.
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DUIN and UK REACH: are you ready for the October deadline

With the implementation of UK REACH, UK companies were faced with new obligations. In particular, companies that used to import substances into the UK covered by a European registration and were then considered as downstream users are now importers. These companies have until October 27th, 2021 to complete the DUIN, or Downstream User Import notification, in order to remain compliant.

How are cosmetic color additives regulated in the U.S.?

Color additives are the only cosmetic ingredients in the U.S. that require pre-market approval by the FDA. This article will walk you through the key points you need to have in mind when launching a cosmetic product containing color additives.
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Registrations: ECHA launches compliance checks following latest REACH updates

ECHA should launch compliance checks on REACH registration dossiers that should have been updated in recent months. The European Commission had indeed defined deadlines by which the updates of the dossiers should be done. Here are our tips to ensure your compliance!
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Downstream User Import Notification (DUIN): how to proceed?

UK-based companies that were downstream users or distributors under EU REACH before the end of the Brexit transition period have now become importers under UK REACH. These companies have to submit a DUIN (Downstream User Import Notification) to the HSE: find out how!