Harmonization of ECHA's submission platforms

May 4, 2023

A harmonization of ECHA platforms

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has decided to harmonize the data submission system in several regulatory frameworks. This new project merges the 4 ECHA platforms used for the different regulations such as: REACH-IT, ePIC, R4BP 3 and SCIP.

The new platform that brings together these interfaces will be available to users in 2026. The objective of this platform is to unify the submission of information & data management, and to centralize the interactions between ECHA and the different authorities. 

On March 14, 2023, ECHA published the document for the 48th meeting of the Competent Authorities for REACH and CLP (Caracal), which was scheduled to take place on March 28 and 29. In this document, the agency mentioned that this project is part of the European strategy on chemicals for sustainable development. 

As part of this strategy, new functionalities must be implemented within the platforms. However, the maintenance of platforms is becoming more and more complicated, due to their complexity. Others are reaching the end of their lifecycle or are too customized to incorporate new features.

On June 6, 2023, ECHA will hold an information session, to survey current users on its various submission portals.  

New obligations on the horizon

As part of this change, ECHA will require resubmission of regulatory dossiers, and other additional tasks. 

During this development phase, the agency will review current submission tools to maintain efficiency, improve user experience and leverage resources.

EcoMundo's experts propose to accompany you during this period to help you make this transition in a sustainable way. Specialized in the submission of regulatory dossiers (REACH, etc.), EcoMundo is the partner you need to make your new submissions.

Understand the usefulness of ECHA's platforms

REACH-IT : The REACH-IT portal is used in the context of the REACH and CLP regulations, with the aim of securely submitting, processing and managing data and dossiers. The users of the portal are industry, Member State Competent Authorities and ECHA, thus providing a secure means of communication between the different parties.

ePIC : The Prior Informed Consent Information System (ePIC) is a tool developed by ECHA to track compliance with the PIC Regulation (EU Regulation No. 649/2012). The PIC Regulation entered into force on March 1, 2014, to regulate the import and export of certain chemicals.

R4BP3 : The R4BP platform brings together all applications for biocidal products under EU Regulation 528/2012. It allows industry and authorities to meet legal requirements and exchange information.

SCIP : Information on substances of concern in articles or complex objects (Substances of Concern In articles or Products) are referenced in the SCIP database under the Waste Framework Directive.

Want to know more about submitting data to ECHA?

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