Obligations related to SVHC

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What are the obligations related to SVHCs?

Obligations for the manufacturer or importer of articles

1) Notify ECHA of your SVHCs from 1 June 2011

If your articles contain SVHCs, you must inform ECHA if:

  • The substance is found in your articles at more than 0.1% w/w AND
  • The total amount of the substance in your articles is greater than 1 tonne per year AND
  • The substance has not already been registered under REACH for this use.

2) Inform your customers of the presence of SVHCs

  • The supplier must spontaneously inform his customer.
  • When requested by a consumer, the supplier is required to reply within 45 days on the presence of SVHCs in the article in question.


  • Set up a Chemical Safety Report (CSR).
  • If your SVHC is also listed in Annex XIV, you must notify ECHA within 3 months after the first delivery of the substance.


Check the
Autorisation REACH
section as well as ECHA's website.